Winter Storm Warning
By Member Stacy Shank
March 13, 2017

The Wellsville Fire Company would like everyone to stay safe during snowstorm "Stella". Many counties are under a winter storm warning. Please follow all saftety directions and stay off the roads during the height of the storm if possible.

With the expected amount of snow, we want everyone to be vigilant of what is going on in and around thier home. Be sure to clear your heat source exhaust vents (furnaces, fire places, etc). Do not use any kind of charcoal or gas grill as a heat source indoors if the power goes out. Be very cautious using candles.

Here is information pertaining to Carbon Monoxide poising

Here are some winter safety tips from the National Weather Service.

The Red Cross has information for having an emergency kit available and what to include in it.

Here are snow blower and snow shoveling tips

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