Blood Shortage - Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank
By Member Stacy Shank
May 13, 2020

The Coronavirus has made this a challenging time for everyone, and we are now experiencing a severe shortage of all blood types.

*Early in this crisis, hospitals implemented important measures to reduce the need for blood.

*However, as people are becoming more active, hospitals are beginning to need more blood and blood components.

*We currently can’t hold large blood drives, we can’t hold bloodmobile blood drives, and we have to take all donors by appointment to provide safe social distancing.

*This limits us to seeing only a small amount of donors per day as “appointments only” enables us to provide proper social distancing.

*We are asking for the community to contact us and schedule an appointment to give blood this week and into the month of June.

*If we can’t find an appointment time convenient for you until next week, the week after, or even into June, it is not because we don’t need your donation, it is because we are doing our best to provide everyone with a safe social - distanced donation experience.

*As this situation continues over the next weeks, there is a very real need for community members to contact us and schedule blood donation appointments in May and June.

*Here is how you can reach us:

Phone: call us at 1-800-771-0059 and we will schedule an appointment for you
Website: click on this link to find out about donor centers or blood drives convenient for you

Below is an important listing of how blood donation is a little different during this time of Coronavirus:

*An appointment is required to donate blood

*During this pandemic we cannot accept walk-ins. Appointments enable us to provide safe social distancing

*Donors are reminded that the State of Pennsylvania requires all people going out in public to wear a mask. CPBB asks that you wear a mask when you come to donate.

*Your temperature will be taken at the beginning of the process

*No children will be allowed at the blood drive...again for the reason of social distancing

*The staff will be spending more time than usual on extra sanitizing steps.

*Other than that, everything will be very similar. On behalf of local patients and their families during this very challenging of times, we thank you for everything you have already given.

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