Lucky Number Event This Weekend-Updated Information
By Member Stacy Shank
November 4, 2020

For those ticket holders who wish to pick up their meals and go, pick up will be from 3-4 pm only and you must present your stub. Please follow the route on the map to make things easier on our helpers, fire police will be directing. Also, please note there may be some activity at the auditorium entrance from a rental, please use caution.

For those ticket holders coming to the event, the doors will open at 4 pm and you must present your ticket stub. Please park in the gravel parking lot as usual. There will be NO sales at the door. We are offering boxed meals delivered to your socially distanced tables/seats.

Tickets for the next event will be available from our regular ticket sellers after this event. For best results in obtaining future tickets, please fill out the ticket stub completely so we can get in touch with you. We also wanted to let our loyal customers know that there will be a price increase to help cover the rising expenses we have encountered. We held off on a price increase as long as possible, but unfortunately the time has come. As always, thank you for your continued support!

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Sandy 717-577-9570 and let a message.

The winners are:

Winning Name Ticket # Ticket Seller
1 Roy Erdman 224 Fran Bodnar
2 Dave Metzger 99 Teresa Stare
3 Virginia Witmer 16 Barry Shellenberger
4 Leon Street 90 Teresa Stare
5 Gay Ann Leh 120 Andy Reynolds
6 Delores Keffer 317
7 Bill Daum 13 Fran Bodnar
8 Missi Clark 146 Brian Smith
9 Morgan Seifert 341 Julie Slothower
10 Linda Pentz 278 Donna Hoopengardener
11 Sara Shue 254 Dee Smith
12 Cyrstal Shue 260 Dee Smith
13 Kenneth Delp Jr 34 Ken & Sally Delp
14 Larry Lehman 208 Dee Smith
15 Nancy Weinstein 80 Charmaine Zinn
16 Linda Harper 186 Ken & Sally Delp
17 Ken Delp Sr 156 Ken & Sally Delp
18 Lindsay Glatfelter 287 Julie Slothower

If you won and were not in attendance, your ticket seller will be in contact with you. Thank you for your patience.