Officers Visit E-One to Review Rescue Specs
By Member Jeremy Stone
December 16, 2023

Chief Officers visited E-One in Florida to review specifications for the new Rescue Pumper. This new piece of apparatus will be delivered in approximately 3 years. That may seem like a long time (and it is), but it is a common occurrence for fire apparatus, right now. This new E-MAX Rescue Pumper will replace our aging 2003 KME Rescue Pumper. Like all industries, 20 years is a long-time and changes in equipment, process, science, and protocols have necessitated the replacement of our current Rescue Pumper.

As you may know we have 3 large pieces of apparatus, with our oldest actually being from 1996. "Why replace the newer piece?" you might ask. Rescue 66 is the most frequently used and versatile piece of apparatus that we run and so its replacement was selected. Our updated Rescue Pumper will allow us to reconfigure how our tools are stored to make them more efficient as well as increase our pumping and water carrying capacity.

We visited the plant in Florida where our chassis will be constructed. We were able to tour the plant and see apparatus in varying points of construction.