Gun Calendar - JULY 2022
By Member Stacy Shank
April 20, 2022

31 days of prizes, with special weapons on July 4th & 31st.  1000 calendars are available for purchase, cost is $25 each. Winning number to be based on PA Lottery Pick 3 evening number drawn at 7:00pm. All numbers are played straight as drawn, no wild numbers involved.  All winning numbers can be checked at  

* Must be 18 years of age to claim prize of gun or money. (21 if prize is a handgun).

* Winners will be contacted within 48 hours of drawing.

Please call/text Jennifer at 717-324-8198 to purchase your calendar.  Calendars can be purchased online (see below).  Please note there is a $2 service charge per ticket.

The guns are provided by Wyricks Weaponry in Dillsburg (717-701-5748). All guns must be picked up at Wyricks Weaponry within 30 days. Winning of guns will be applicable to ATF laws at the time of drawing. Winners are responsible for background check fees. Name on the stub must pass the background check; those that don't pass the check will receive the cash prize. Hand-downs to another person is prohibited. Out of state winners will be responsible for shipping costs to get their weapon to a FFL of the state in which they reside. Upgrades may be available at the winner's expense.

On-line Calendar Sales - Scroll to the bottom of the Gun Event Page for the PayPal Link. Please include the name, address, and phone # for each individual purchasing a ticket. Enter the first person's info, then click continue shopping and add the next person's info. Please note there is a $2.00 handling charge per calendar.

Hyperlinks: Purchase Calendar Here